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  • cosmetics, soaps, washing powder soaps, hand-made soaps, olive oil soaps, liquid soaps, bath soaps, opp wrap soaps, paper wrap soaps, box soaps, flow-wrap soaps, pe bag soaps, blister pack soaps, blister soaps, guest soaps, hotel soaps, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, body oils, creams, shaving creams, gift cosmetic sets, hand wash powder soaps, matic powder soaps
    The foundations of Dalan quality were set by Hamdi Dalan in 1941 in a workshop in the Namazgah sector of Izmir, with the production of Dalan brand traditional 100% pure olive oil
    Telephone: +90 232 479 09 51 Address: Kemalpaşa Cad., No: 325, Pınarbaşı, İzmir, Turkey
  • tags, hangtags, labels, print labels, leather labels, wash care labels, cardboard tags, woven tags, woven labels, sticker labels, price tags, price labels, paper tags, card labels, printed card labels, stickers, barcoded stickers, barcoded card labels, tag, hangtag, label, print label, leather label, wash care label, cardboard tag, woven tag, woven label, sticker label, price tag, price label, paper tag, wash label, paper box, socks tag, bottle labels, clothes tag, shoes tag, kids wear tags, pet wear tags, men clothes labels, woman cl, Cartoons, Cotton twill label, Cotton twill labels, Cotton twill printed label, Cotton twill printed labels, Flexographic print, Flexographic prints, Hang tag, Hang tags, Insert card, Insert cardsLabel, Labels, Lac, Lacs, Nylon printed label, Nylon printed labels, Packaging elem, Packaging element, Packaging elements, Partial lac, Partial lacs, Patterned ribbon, Patterned ribbons, Printed cartoon, Printed cartoons, Private label, Private labels, Promotional tape, Promotional tape, Promotionaltapes, Ribbon, Ribbons, Satin label, Satin labels, Satin printed label, Satin printed labels, Serigraphic printed label, Serigraphic printed labels, Serigraphic sticker, Serigraphic stickers, Sticker, Stickers, TapeTapes, Thermal print, Thermal prints, Tyvek printed label, Tyvek printed labels, Woven label, Woven labels, paper packaging solution, swing ticket, box, printed label, swing tag, transfers, sticker, security seals, leather patch, artificial leather, patch, patches, leather patches, paper boxes, paper packaging, paper package, paper packages, carton box, sock label, paper hotel items, paper promotion, promotion, lunch box, breakfast box, hotel items, hotels item, hotel promotions item, paper file, Flasher, pin badges, rfid, pocket folder, pocket folders
    Rota Print & label was founded in 2004 as Carton Label manufacturer. Due to our invesments in high tech and skills of our qualified staff we achieved a considerable sucesss by
    Telephone: +90 212 240 51 11 Address: Mehmet Nesih Özmen Mah. Taflan Sk. No:10/A, Merter, İstanbul, Turkey
  • cosmetics, personal care products, home cleaning products, cleaning products, cleaning chemicals, soaps, wet wipes, wet towels, liquid soaps, cosmetic, personal care product, home cleaning product, cleaning product, cleaning chemical, soap, wet wipe, wet towel, liquid soap, body wet towels, pocket wet wipes, diapers, diapers mini, diapers midi, diapers junior, diapers maxi, baby shampoos, shampoos, shower gels, intimate wash wipes, makeup cleaning wipes, air fresheners, powder detergents
    As Truva Seramik and Kozmetik we manufacture and supply cosmetics, personal care products, home cleaning products, cleaning products, cleaning chemicals, soaps, wet wipes, wet
    Telephone: +90 242 421 25 30 Address: Altınkale Mah., Nazım Hikmet Cad., 4152 Sok. No. 2 Döşemealtı, Antalya, Turkey
  • henna, black henna, hair color, herbal hair color, herb, herbal hair dye, hair dye, pomegranate flower, face mask, herbal face mask, body wash, colorless henna, cosmetic, beauty, traditional shampoo, shampoo, body mask, hair treatment, hair strenthening, hair fall, hair loss
    Abrisham Herbal Medicine & Cosmetics Industry was established in 2008 in order to produce 100% herbal and organic products. The company succeeded producing herbal and organic
    Telephone: 98 990 352 2205 Address: Special Economic Zone- Yazd- Iran
  • cleaning prodacts, tooth paste, shampoo, baby shampoo, liquid hand soap, skin mask, body lotion, foam hand soap, room parfume, dishwashing detergent, Surface cleaner, glass cleaner, washing powder, bleach, car wash detergent, carpet washing detergent, cosmetics, natural, halal, child toothpaste
    We manufacture cleaning and personal care products in Turkey. We can work private label, too. I'm sending the file for our products. If you are interested please contact
    Telephone: +90 546 811 81 01 Address: Akşemsettin Mh. Fatih Bulvarı Cem Sultan Cd. No:2 Kat:1 Sultanbeyli İSTANBUL
  • vehicle disinfection machine, portable disinfecting machine, drink container cleaning liquid, floor stone cleaning liquid, ground cleaning oil solution, liquid hand soap, concentrated derz cleaning liquid, liquid dishwashing detergent, general cleaning liquid, vehicle wash patch, cts graphite cleaning liquid, wall paper and dye cleaning liquid
  • superstructure, infrastructure, soil exploration, soil survey, wash drilling, building, structures, building materials
    Telephone: 4460327 Address: 1396 SOKAK NO:73/2 KAHRAMANLAR / İZMİR
  • bathroom accessories, bathroom products, bathroom furniture, bathroom furnitures, bathroom equipment, bathroom equipments, toilet bowls, toilet seat, toilet seat products, toilet seat product, toilet seat materials, toilet bowl material, washbasins, washbasin products, washbasin product, washbasin products, wash basins, washbasin material, bidets, bidet, bidet products, bidet product, oval washbasins, oval washbasin, one piece washbasin, one piece washbasins, wall-hung toilet bowl, wall-to-wall, sanitary ceramic
    TURAN career began in 1976 with the Army in selling building materials - BURHAN-TURAN brothers, one of Turkey's first TURAN CERAMICS INC was established in 1987 to produce
    Telephone: +90 452 777 9 777 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Muhsin Tercan Caddesi No:52, Altınordu, Ordu, Turkey
  • panel shower techniques, mini baths, high bucks, flats, monoblok, bathtub, wash basin, bath-tub
  • shower cabin, bathtub, wash basin, bath-tub, tub, basin, bath
  • textile washing, burn out washing, denim wash, snow wash, part coloring, special effect washing, spray
    Telephone: 90 216 3941414 Address: AYDINLI MAH. İSTANBUL DERİ ORG. SAN. BÖL. 3. YOL K/5 PAR. ALT KAT, TUZLA, İSTANBUL
  • refrigerator, home appliance, air conditioning, televisions, deep freeze, washing machine, wash machine, vacuum cleaner, microwave oven, built-in
    Telephone: 724 56 09-10  Address: AOSB 1.KISIM MAH. 4. CADDE NO:6 DÖŞEMEALTI/ANTALYA
  • wash-off services, textile, garments
    Telephone: 258 02 34 - 462  Address: AOSB 3.KISIM MAH. 31. CADDE NO:6 DÖŞEMEALTI/ANTALYA
  • ceramic coatings, paint protection, material safety data sheet, car wash shampoo, wheels - metal - chrome protective product, rubber - plastic shine on -protective product, quick varnishes and glass products, general ınterior cleaning and protection product, stain removers, engine cleaning and protection products, car fragrance, machinery equipment
    Telephone: (216) 540 03 48 Address: İstanbul
  • shower cabins, wash basins, shower tubes, hydro massage, compact systems
    Telephone: (212) 7713220 Address: HADIMKÖY MAH. ÖZGÜLER SOK NO:3/1, ARNAVUTKÖY, İSTANBUL
  • emergency response vehicle 4x4 toyota land cruiser, 400kva mobile generator vehicle, crime scene investigation tool, funeral transportation vehicle, mitsubishi open sheet case, tent ford transit, mobile fast-food aarmac, truck with elevator, funeral washing vehicle, mobile cinema tool, transport vehicle sliding tent safe, frigorific meat carrying case, transportation vehicle, funeral transporter morgue, multi purpose case (perkins promotion tool), helicopter trailer, closed funeral wash carrying, dog carry trailer, mitsubishi meat case, mitsubishi dry food transportation vehicle, mobile repair aarmac, suspected transportation vehicle, transportation vehicle, mini truck, explosive transportation vehicle stack, fire fighting vehicle, closed box trailers
    Telephone: 3128152555 Address: Saray Mahallesi Gökkuşağı Caddesi No:26 KAHRAMANKAZAN / ANKARA
  • solvent transformers, continuous transformers, washing units, distillation bag, vacuum units, print wash unit
    Telephone: 2126327537 Address: AKSARAY MAH.YENİKAPIKUMSALI SOK.NO:28
  • wash drilling, submersible pump, soil exploration
    Telephone: (342) 321-00-01 Address: SARIGÜLLÜK MAH. 25 NOLU SOK NO: 18/2 ŞEHİTKAMİL GAZİANTEP
  • anti-allergy spray, anti-limestone, bath and w.c. cleaner with probiotics, concentrated surface cleaner with probiotic, denture and toothbrush cleaner with probiotics, furniture and parquet cleaner with probiotics, general cleaner with probiotics, kitchen dirt and oil remover, liqued soap with probiotics, organic carpet shampoo, organic carpet shampoo, organic general cleaner, organic general cleaner, organic heavy dirt and oil remover, organic heavy dirt and oil remover, organic kitchen oil and dirt remover, organic leather fabric and seat cleaner, organic limestone and rust remover, prowill industrial group, shower gel with probiotics, skin care cream with probiotics, stain remover, surface cleaner with probiotics, wash gel with probiotics
    Telephone: 2244824423 Address: TAHTALI MAH YAYLACIK YOLU(460)SK.NO.9/1, BURSA
  • automotive, rubber tyre, roadside assistance, car care service, car wash and detailing services
    Telephone: 4611765 Address: ANKARA ASFALTI NO:26 BORNOVA BORNOVA / İZMİR
  • hangtag, wash label, woven labels, borcode label, sticker, carpet clean label, serigraphy label, leaf label, leather label, print, green house and sapling labels
    Telephone: 4671147 Address: 119/1 SOK. NO:10/A YEŞİLOVA / İZMİR
  • wash, washing, washing services
    Telephone: 90 212 5439520 Address: EVREN MAH.KOÇMAN CAD.NO.24/A GÜNEŞLİ, BAĞCILAR, İSTANBUL
  • textile wash-off, bleaching, denim wash-off
    Telephone: 90 212 6720717 Address: KOZA MAH. 1674.SOK. NO.201, ESENYURT, İSTANBUL
  • paper towel apparatus, wc paper apparatus, toilet seat paper, combination system, waste bucket, hand wash sink, mop wash sink, pool shower towers, hygienic floor mat, cabinet, cabinets
    Telephone: 5548727595 Address: Kayışdağ Mah. Uslu Cad.No:8/B Ataşehir-ISTANBUL
  • air conditioning, auto egsoz, auto electric-, auto flooring, auto gearbox, auto lock, auto mechanics, auto nickel, auto paint, auto repair and, auto spare parts, Autogas, balance, car care, car wash, car window, cylinder cover repair, polyester, rot, special services, sunroof, tire
    Telephone: 2821121 Address: 677/39 SOKAK NO:38 P.8 6. SANAYİ SİTESİ / İZMİR
  • auto detail shop, auto detailing, car wash and detailing services
  • textile wash-off, garments, textile, textiles
    Telephone: 90 212 6565077 Address: BAĞLAR MAHALLESİ 15.SOKAK NO:14, BAĞCILAR, İSTANBUL
  • garments, textile, textiles, textile products, clothing, fabric wash-off
  • ribbon cutting machine, wax ribbons, wax resin ribbons, resin ribbons, textile ribbons, color ribbons, thermal labels, glossy labels, vellum labels, silvermat labels, PP labels, PE labels, stone wash, heavy duty wash, light wash, polyester satin, black hot stamping foil, white hot stamping foil
    Telephone: (216) 4178131 Address: GİRNE MAH.IRMAK SOK, MALTEPE, İSTANBUL
  • denim wash-off, garments, textile, textile machine
    Telephone: 90 212 6721717 Address: ORHAN GAZİ MAH. 1656. SOK. NO:15-1, ESENYURT, İSTANBUL
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